Sunday, January 24, 2010

How is Caroline?

You are probably wondering.... "Where in the world did Leslie go?" and "Why is she not telling us how Caroline is doing?" surely isn't for lack of Caroline growing and changing that I haven't been blogging. Caroline is doing fantastic. She continues to fill our days with awe and delight. We've had a fun couple of months watching our Caroline shine.

Caroline heading to the park. As you can tell by her smile, its one of her favorite activities. She loves to swing, climb on the equipment, and check out the puppies.

We're definitely still working on eating. One of Caroline's favorite things to do with food is feed it to us! She is slowly getting used to touching and playing with food and on good days she will take small tastes.

We have made remarkable strides with her tube-feeding in the last several weeks. She is now tolerating small meals throughout the day....~4-6 oz at a time. Caroline eats blenderized table food and this seems to be agreeing with her! She rarely vomits any more, and she "tastes" the food as it goes into her stomach, which seems to be helping her grow accustomed to the idea of putting food to her mouth.

Caroline learned to crawl over Thanksgiving weekend, and our world has never been the same! She motors all around the house and is now learning the joys of being on two feet. It won't be long and she'll be walking too!

We had a relaxing Christmas at home. It was really fun to watch Caroline experience her first "real" Christmas.

I've now been back to work for three months. I work three days per week and we have hired a wonderful nanny who cares for Caroline in our home. Going back to work has proven to be a blessing in so many ways. I love going to work part-time and Caroline really seems to enjoy her time with Jillia.