Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Family Vacation!

We took our first family vacation in April. The three of us packed up the car and headed for the Oregon coast.
Caroline loved swimming in the pool....

and walking in the sand.

It was great to realize that tube-feeding isn't that difficult while on vacation. We packed up our blender and brought along the foods we normally blend from home.

We've gained a lot of confidence in Caroline's blenderized diet. I spend about an hour every other night blending up a balanced diet of fruits/veggies/dairy/grains and protein. I love feeding her foods from our table and the improvements we've seen in her health, energy, and development are tremendous. Caroline doesn't throw up anymore and she can tolerate about 6 oz of food in 3o minutes time.......a far cry from the days we were syringing in 10 mLs of formula every 10 minutes.

Caroline is slowly improving her relationship with eating as well. She loves to join us for meals and she'll put a variety of foods in her mouth. She is even swallowing water and a few select other foods....sometimes. She is enthusiastic about trying and we are slowly seeing the fear and anxiety around food melt away.