Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We might be on to something....

We are happy to report that Caroline has been feeling a bit better over the past couple of days. We are trying thickened formula administered through a syringe (as opposed to the pump) and it seems to be a bit easier on her system. It certainly hasn't solved the problem and manually syringing formula is quite tedious, but Caroline seems to be stronger and more energetic than she has been in weeks...thank goodness! It feels good to come across a minor change that is actually producing positive results. We have tried numerous formulas, feeding methods, and medications, which have all resulted in virtually no improvement. Perhaps its a testimony to her improved strength and health since the heart surgery,or perhaps we are getting smarter.......most likely the former. The next step is to continue experimenting with thickened textures, including pureed solids in hopes of slowly expanding Caroline's tolerance for more food at a faster rate. Again, this is going to be a very slow process, but perhaps we are actually in a place where we can be successful.

Caroline had her final post-op cardiology visit last Tuesday. Dr. Stamm gave her a clean bill of health, discontinued her final heart med, and doesn't want to see her again for an entire year! I was shocked. We thought for sure there would be more visits in the upcoming months, but apparently Caroline's heart is doing exactly what it needs to be doing. The hole is completely patched with no residual murmur. The surgery seems to have been a complete success. This being said, her heart is not 100% healed and it is still enlarged due to the extra strain put on her heart pre-surgery. The enlargement will take months to subside, and until then, her heart is still weaker than a "normal" heart, but this is all to be expected and we'll re-visit that issue at next year's cardiology appointment!

Despite the recent set back with the return of the vomiting, we've managed to have a fun end to our summer. Here a few pics of Caroline enjoying her friends and family.

Yesterday Caroline got to meet her newest friend, Linnea Jane.

Caroline had a great weekend with two of her Aunties. They even brought her a new slide!

Caroline enjoying the view from her new perch. She's slowly gaining confidence with the sliding part.

Sadly, we had to say good-bye to Grandma and Grandpa last week. We had such a great visit. Its always hard to watch them go back to Florida.


  1. I love the slide pics! Glad that the new system is working a bit better. See you soon!

  2. love to see those picts!! and great feeding news too. linnea is a cutie! you two moms are adorable and lookin good.