Saturday, August 8, 2009

For Better or for Worse.......

Caroline is teething. The girl can't catch a break. The good news is she is still on around the clock pain meds; the bad news is obvious....hasn't the girl been through enough? Caroline has been especially sensitive and difficult with both sleeping and separation anxiety the past two days. At first, we thought she was having a hard time dealing with the post-surgical pain and the trauma of near constant pokes and prods. However, add teething to the mix, and her behavior makes sense. Hopefully we'll see improved sleep and reduced anxiety here very soon!

On a bright note, the teething has made her more oral than she's ever been before. She's mouthing dried mangoes, licorice, crackers, chocolate, you name it....its in her mouth. She's still not really "eating" but experiencing more tastes and textures than she ever has before. Hopefully the increased oral stimulation will continue after the mouth pain subsides.

We broke free from our four walls for the first time this afternoon and enjoyed a leisurely stroll through Magnuson Park. It was great to get outside, get a change of scenery and enjoy the refreshingly cool air.

Caroline enjoyed watching the ducks swim along the shore.
We go back for our first official cardiology follow up visit Monday morning. Hopefully we'll get a clean bill of health and confirmation that Caroline is recovering as well as she seems to be.


  1. great news! and you guys look like your day out was lovely. yea!!!

    we missed you at lisa's today but i'll give you a full report next time i see you. kari posted some picts already. she's quick!

    take care, my dear.

  2. Oh, what a cute photo! I'm really glad you got outside. See you soon!

  3. You are the poster family of the year (not what you wanted i know but at least you continue to shine through with such beauty and grace) - true champs! becky