Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh what a difference a week makes......

Caroline continues to amaze us with her resilience and good nature through this recovery process. As soon as her two bottom teeth cut through, her spirits lifted and we have a new little girl. She seems to feel better than she's ever felt before. She's energetic, playful, and growing like a weed. It truly is hard to believe that it was less than 3 weeks ago when this whole process started.

Too big for the infant seat......Caroline has gained at least one pound since the surgery! The red backpack in the background of this picture is Caroline's feeding system. It goes with her everywhere she goes 22 hours/day. Hopefully with ongoing growth and success with keeping food down, we will be transitioning to shorter feeding times here very soon.

Inflatable duck pools are fun no matter what the weather's like outside.

Caroline visited her pediatrician on Friday. We were mildly concerned with lung congestion Friday morning, but it cleared by her appointment time Friday afternoon. It hasn't come back since. It was great to hear it from the pros......Caroline is recovering beautifully on all fronts.

Lots of smiles and laughter this week. Mom can even leave the room with out Caroline starting to panic. Caroline only very rarely needs pain medication anymore!

You gotta love the chubby cheeks!


  1. So glad to hear things are on the mend. Lisa mentioned the lung congestion. Happy to hear it's all okay. More prayers for rapid healing and a happy, eating Caroline!

  2. We've been away for a few days and we were anxious to check in on Caroline's progress. Her color looks so much better and that grin says it all! Its so exciting to watch Caroline improve. Love, M&M

  3. I just love how her grin gets bigger and bigger in each picture! She is doing so great!


  4. So cute! I'm jealous of her duck pool!