Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One week down.....

Its hard to believe that it was only 1 week ago that we were waiting for Caroline to get out of surgery. We're slowly adjusting to caring for Caroline at home and things seem to get a little easier with each passing day. All in all, Caroline is feeling much better than earlier in the week. Resting her stomach and slowing down her feeds has helped tremendously. She seems to feel pretty good throughout the day, but night time is a different story. Its really hard to tell if she is scared, in pain, or confused by the whole situation, but she spends about an hour each night crying harder and longer than she's ever cried in the past......thank God for healthy lungs! We are already seeing glimmers of a stronger and more energetic girl, and we are eager for the day that Caroline is healthy enough to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Caroline enjoying a special homecoming treat!


  1. I love the licorice picture! She has a sweet tooth, doesn't she? Hopefully the nights will soon get easier!!


  2. Good to hear that things have improved. I can relate to the sound of newly found lung power with the crying! It's a bit surprising. Hoping you're able to keep Caroline comfortable and that she continues to recover well. Thinking of you!